Terms & Conditions

The Terms of Acceptance of this document are intended to establish the rules regarding the provision of personal loan services by AYNI Circular Fashion.



To access any of the available services, the CUSTOMER must have read the website www.aynicircularfashion.com and chosen the plan of interest.


The CUSTOMER declares to know the conditions, terms and prices related to the personal loan services as described at www.aynicollectivecloset.com.


The CUSTOMER claims to be older than 18 or legally authorized by the parent or guardian, and fully able to consent to the terms, conditions, obligations, representations and warranties described in these Terms of Acceptance.


The CUSTOMER is responsible for the accuracy and updating of their registration data. If there is any change in this data, the CUSTOMER should update AYNI.



After subscribing to any plan, AYNI will make available to the subscriber the loan service accordingly to the chosen plan and its conditions.


As per offer available at www.aynicircularfashion.com, each plan will correspond to a number of items, granted to the CUSTOMER, in a personal, non-transferable and non-refundable manner.


The CUSTOMER may use the plan of her choice to borrow as many items of clothing as the plan allows.


The clothing is property of AYNI and will be made available as a loan service in accordance with the rules of the plan chosen by the CUSTOMER.


The borrowed items are for CUSTOMER's personal and non-transferable use and may not be used for commercial purposes, or for third parties, under any circumstances.


The loan period start on the day the CUSTOMER borrows the clothes at the physical address of our closet. If the items are not returned on the right day, according to the chosen plan, there will a proportional fee for each extra day.


The return must be made at the same place as the pick up (Rua Barão de Sabrosa, 225). The delivery service is offered to the central neighborhoods of Lisbon for an additional fee previously agreed with AYNI.


The CUSTOMER will have access to everything available  in AYNI's collection. 



By borrowing items from AYNI's closet, the CUSTOMER may borrow for a certain and determined period, women's clothing exclusively owned by AYNI.


Clothes will be available for rental at the discretion of AYNI and according to product availability.


Each item of clothing shall correspond to a maximum rental period, as determined by AYNI and as agreed between the Parties.


No adjustments or repairs are allowed on the clothes during the loan period.


If there is any simple problem during the loan period, such as with buttons or seams, AYNI will take care of the repair without any extra cost. If there is a significant stain or damage, AYNI will analyze it and charge the CUSTOMER an extra fee according to what the professional provider is charging to fix it.


If the piece is unrecoverable, AYNI will charge a fine according to the price of the item available on our website.



Payment is upfront, once the registration is made and the service is contracted.


For the subscriptions, renewal is automatic and will only be discontinued upon cancellation by the CUSTOMER. 


AYNI may change plans and the prices of the provided services. However, any changes made to pricing or service plans will only be applied 30 days after the email notification to the CUSTOMER.


AYNI reserves the right not to confirm the subscription of a CUSTOMER with incorrect or invalid registration information.

AYNI Circular Fashion